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From Button Moon to Harrods, Laura Cartledge discovers Miss Cake is at the top of her game.

Fruit, chocolate, lemon or Victoria sponge?
Chances are, when it comes to picking your cake for the big day, you already know what flavour you will choose.
Sarah Davis-BroadhurstHowever, when it comes to decoration, people want something to make it individual – to make it their own.
“I see a lot of weddings now that are brighter, more colourful and modern,” agrees Sarah Davis-Broadhurst, owner of Miss Cake in Newhaven.
As a result the painted porcelain Mr and Mrs figures are being left on the shelf in favour of something a bit more… funky – and that is where Sarah can help.
“I used to work in social services, it was very different,” she explains. “My partner has run his own company for a while so I left to work with him and wanted to set up my own business on the side.
“I enjoy making cakes but doing it as a job took the fun out of it. I wanted something I could do which was quite creative,” she adds. “It was just a really random idea. We decided to get a laser cutter and just experimented with lots of different things.”
From jewellery to bespoke signs, and then cake toppers.
“The cake toppers worked really well and it was a different idea as well,” says Sarah.
Letter Cake Topper £4.99“I realised there was not much in the market like them, as it is all quite old fashioned.”
Three years on the business is booming.
“I used to work from home and we had to build a room to get the [laser cutting] machine in but now we have moved into a unit,” she smiles. “It’s been really good. I think because it is different to the usual – if people like it they seem to really like it.”
But the striking toppers have not just caught the eye of individuals – one of the most iconic retailers in the world has also given them the seal of approval.
“I just had this random email saying, ‘I am the buyer at Harrods and I like your toppers’,” grins Sarah. “I went up to meet her. I never would have considered approaching them – it is Harrods! That has been a high point.
credit topper exclusive to the Gay Wedding Collective from Ruby + Diva (2)“Now I stock Harrods bakery, they sell the cake toppers next to their cakes and mention it to customers having cakes made.”
Miss Cake toppers can be completely personalised, making them particular popular with weddings – whether it is a favourite song lyric or a quote.
“The design needs to be relatively chunky to be cut out of one piece of acetate, but usually I can adapt it to make it work. I have a few standard designs like Mr and Mrs with the surname underneath,” Sarah explains. “The whole process, from getting the order to it being delivered, is about two weeks.
“I made one once which was Button Moon. The couple were having a small, unusual wedding and had children’s television programmes as the theme,” she adds.
Cheese cake with Miss Cake topper“I’ve had some really good ideas that way – people asking for something I haven’t thought of and I turn it into a design. That is what happened with the ‘he’s her lobster’ topper, which is a quote from Friends.”
It comes as no surprise Sarah made the topper for her wedding cake too and it is worth noting for those holding celebrations abroad they are very easy to pack.
“I got married last year in Sri Lanka. We couldn’t have a say on the cake really so I took a topper out with us,” she recalls. “It has our first names with elephants and Sri Lanka written on it.”
When the big day is over, whatever the occasion, whether it is a wedding, birthday, or christening, the toppers make a great memento.
“I’ve cut the spikes off for people who want to have it as a keepsake,” says Sarah. “And I know people who have used them again as decorations, even putting them in plant pots.”
So having come this far in just three years, what does the future have in store for Miss Cake?
“At the moment I am working on new collections and working with local Brighton illustrators to come up with some different designs,” Sarah replies. “I will also be looking at more seasonal ideas.”
Seems like it is a case of watch this space, or rather keep your eye open for cakes.


'Love, Love Me Do' Cake Topper £16.99To find out more about the Miss Cake creations, visit

Both the ‘Here Comes The Bride’ and “His and His” toppers are exclusive to the Gay Wedding Collective from Ruby + Diva, to find out more visit, pictures courtesy of

Letter Cake Topper, £4.99
‘Love, Love Me Do’ Cake Topper, £16.99
‘He’s Her Lobster’ Cake Topper, £16.99


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