Time to relax

From massages to manicures, facials to waxes, Charlotte Pearson takes some time out to relax and unwind.

Most of us are probably guilty of carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders, be it through daily stresses, big life changes and just not sitting right at your desk at work.
P1020663So when it gets a bit too much you know when your body needs an MOT.
After a particular hard workout at the gym a couple of days before I was definitely at that point.
My back and neck were tied in knots and my body felt heavy to move.
Walking into the Retreat at Slinfold Golf and Country Club I could already feel my body start to relax, but jumping up on to the heated bed I knew I needed a miracle worker.
After introducing herself, Abbey asked me what I needed help with, and after highlighting my lower back and neck she suggested the ESPA fitness body oil.
This particular oil warms the muscles up, and partnered with the all over body massage with the use of the hot stones it was a match made in heaven.
“All my team are all rounders, but they all have favourite treatments,” explains Retreat manager Skye Jaworski after my visit. “Abbey really enjoys the massages as she is all about mind, body and soul.
“She is able to change the pressure to deal with any tension or knots in the muscle.”
Something I can certainly agree with as Abbey kneaded away the tricky knots in the top of my back and neck, making me feel like a new person once she was finished.
The hot stones added a little heat to the areas, and with Abbey applying different amounts of pressure it was sublime.
Gone were the tight neck and heavy feeling which restricted my movement and in its place a lighter more relaxed sensation.
P1010240Once my body had been dealt with, Sophie came in for my Optimal Skin Profacial.
The treatment consisted of the application of serums, masks and creams, including a foam wash that was used with a Clarisonic brush which slightly pulsates on the skin to open the pores so that the products used can go deeper for a effective cleanse.
It was slightly odd but not uncomfortable, and although not an ESPA product Skye admits all the staff have them at home as they all know the benefits of using it.
ESPA is made in Somerset and has a range of products, some of which are multi-use.
The optimal skin pro cleanser with jojoba beads can be used as a cleanser, mild exfoliate and also as a face mask. This was used on me and left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated.
Meanwhile the pink hair and scalp mud was used for my scalp massage, although Skye advised me she has used it on sunburn.
It can also be used on caps cradle on babies and is used in the pre-natal treatment on the bump to reduce stretch marks.
“I have worked in a number of salons and love the ESPA products,” says Skye. “The products are the ones that when people come round you want them out on the shelf and they are great for your skin.
“Most of them are 99.9 per cent natural.”
The spa is open to both members and non-members, and the lounge and crèche are also available to non-members, meaning you can drop the children off and have some ‘me time’.
Alternatively, if you prefer, you can spend some time on the driving range, also open to non-members, before enjoying the spa.
“We do everything here in the treatment rooms, from the essentials such as waxing and manicures to the massages,” explains Skye.
“We are a salon and spa, we want people to come in and feel like they are in a cocoon.”
I can’t help but agree as from the moment I stepped in to the moment I left I felt so welcomed that I was sorry to leave.
But one thing’s for sure I will definitely be back next time I am in need of some TLC.

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