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Charlotte Pearson delves into the world of wallpaper.

Choosing wallpaper can take ages as you pour over interior magazines, leaf through sample books and search online to find something no one else has.



You choose that perfect pattern and feel content, that is until you spot it in the background of a television show or see your friend has the exact same one.

For those wanting something truly one-of-a-kind Identity Papers in Basingstoke could have the answer.
“I have stock wallpaper designs and also carry out commissions,” Linda Hasking explains. “I also design bespoke pieces with conventional, or sometimes less conventional, repeated patterns chosen by the client.”

Using photo-collages or text Linda can create a personalised wallpaper for your home or office.
“People always think you have to have the same patterns and I think they find it quite refreshing when they come to me and look through my book and see how much variation you can have,” she says.

With a background in interiors Linda had previously worked as a decorator for ten years.
“It just got to a point where my body couldn’t take it any more,” she recalls. “I was doing all the work, going up ladders and everything, and it just got too much.”

Mi Casa Su Casa

Mi Casa Su Casa

This prompted a move to a printmaking course in Winchester.
But it was a project at the end of her three years that would bring her back to interiors.
“For my degree show I created the Mi Casa Su Casa – which is Spanish for my home is your home – wallpaper.
“For it I photographed everything in my living room down to a penny under the sofa and did a photo collage,” she reveals.
“After leaving I worked in fine art but always in the back of my mind was wallpaper and questions about how I could make it work, if I could make it marketable and if there was a place for it.”

Two years ago Linda took the plunge and started making her own designs to sell.
“I suppose I feel at home in interiors, as corny as that sounds. It is where I feel comfortable,” she smiles.
The stock designs include ‘quick brown fox’ text, cloud rococo and ‘sugar and slugs’ text.

Does she have a favourite?
“I like the clouds,” she says. “I keep an eye on trends as I don’t want to design something if the market it already saturated, or if there is no call for it. But with my work it is unique and not like anything else out there.”

So how does she come up with the designs?
“I don’t use a sketch book, I just keep things and little bits in mind to use,” she explains. “The longest part is the designing, thinking what will work and what won’t. Sometimes it can be as simple as changing a colour-way.
“Sometimes the prints look great on screen but once printed on the paper they don’t work or don’t look as good on a larger scale.
“The place which prints it offers up suggestions as well as they have worked with a number of different people and will make suggestions, some work and some don’t.”

Origami boxes

Origami boxes

And that is not all, Linda also makes origami boxes, which can be personalised.
“I worked with children doing workshops and we would make these boxes using different paper.
“I found out how to do this type of box and just became obsessed.
“I’m a one trick pony when it comes to origami,” she laughs. “I can make a lined box in about half an hour but more time goes into cutting the paper and figuring out which bit will go where and making sure it works.”

These can also be personalised and make ideal gifts or wedding favours.
“I had someone who wanted me to use a map of Persia, which no longer exists, and I found it in an old atlas I had,” she says.
“I can make them from most things and have used books and comics to create bespoke pieces.”

It just goes to show that wallpaper can be more than just something to have on the wall.


For more information, visit www.identitypapers.com
Stock wallpaper costs £125 a roll.
Bespoke depends on how much time it takes to do but is £40 per square meter.
Origami boxes are £5 (5cm paper lid box) and £20 (10cm lined box). Linda can also supply gift vouchers

Pictures supplied by Identity Papers

Featured image taken by Kate Moby


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