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Alex Jenkins heads to a salon in Chichester where she is given a lesson in the art of make-up.

When I look back at pictures of what I wore as a teenager I cannot help but cringe and ask the obvious question, ‘what was I thinking’?
C141580-15 Etc Alex Makeover  phot kateIt is clear that not only does fashion change all the time, but as you get older what you wear is dictated, in part, by your age.
But this is not just the case with clothes. Your make-up needs updating just as much as your wardrobe.
With this in mind I popped into Q Hair and Beauty Salon in Chichester, which has just been made a Clarins Gold Salon.
My beauty therapist for my 45 minute one-to-one make-up session was Chloe Hitchman.
During this session Chloe, a Clarins expert, showed me how to update my make-up and taught me tricks of the trade to help me create a professional look at home.
First of all she cleansed my skin using Clarins’ cleansing milk and exfoliated it with Clarins’ gentle refiner. Then she used a double serum to help moisturise my skin.
My biggest concern with my face is my dark rings under my eyes, but Chloe was quick to reassure that was an easy thing to hide.
C141580-13 Etc Alex Makeover  phot kateUsing Clarins’ eye revive beauty flash balm and then an instant concealer the black rings were quickly hidden.
On top of this she applied true radiance foundation, one of a selection she could have used.
Chloe explained this foundation was the best for my skin as it was light and gave me a healthy glow, offering ‘12 hours of moisture’.
Using a little powder on top helped ensure any shine was held at bay.
While applying these ‘base layers’ Chloe carefully explained how to use them in order to not ‘clog up the skin’.
She also explained what was in the products, such as the caffeine in the concealer which helps boost the skin.
The next part of my face to receive an update was my eyes.
Prone to sensitive skin around them and on my eyelids Chloe advised to stay away from too much eyeshadow, instead favouring eyeliner pencil to create an ‘eyeshadow’ affect.
Using a bronze pencil, she carefully applied it to just my top lid, working from the outside to halfway in. C141580-2 Etc Alex Makeover  phot kateThis method helped open my eyes and instantly made them look bigger.
Adding layer upon layer and then using the pencil’s blending brush at the end she created quite a striking look. Who needs eyeshadow?!
To make my eyes look even wider she used the ‘be long mascara’ just on the top lashes.
“You do not need to do it from the root as you have long lashes,” she explains. “You don’t want too heavy a look, but you can build it up to get a heavier look if you would like to.
“This mascara helps gives an illusion of long, dark false lashes,” she adds.
I was interested to note she was only applying the mascara to the top lashes, whereas I’ve always done the bottom as well.
“I would only do the bottom lashes on people that are more used to wearing it like that,” she says. “It is more of a fashionable thing now to just do the top.”
Chloe is evidently a huge fan of this mascara, revealing to me it will help your lashes grow by 1.1 millimetres a month.
C141580-6 Etc Alex Makeover  phot kateI have to admit I could not believe how long my natural lashes looked after the application.
Back to the face, Chloe brought out her ‘essential’, the Grenadine multi blush and, using one of the pinks, streaked the cream blush across my cheekbones before rubbing it in to give my cheeks definition.
Lastly it was the lips. To help prolong the life of the lipstick she first covered my lips in a nude lipliner before using her finger to dab on hot pink Joli Rouge lipstick. A slick of Instant Light Lip Perfector and I was done.
Throughout the session I learned a lot of useful hints and tips, a key reason for people paying for the one-to-one session.
“When customers come in they are looking for a change,” Chloe says. “The fashion changes and different things will suit you.
“Make-up is such a personal thing so that is why it is nice to offer a make-up one-to-one.
“I have had a couple of mums who have brought their 13/14-year-old daughters in,” she adds.
“They like to come here and have a lesson with someone who knows what they are doing and to learn some hints and tips.”
Armed with my new knowledge I leave the salon feeling pampered and empowered. Now all I need is an occasion to show off my new look.


There is a great statement on the wall on the treatment room by Clarins’ managing director Dr Olivier Courtin-Clarins.
“Taking time out for a facial or body treatment is no longer a luxury but a necessity of modern living.
“Feeling good about yourself starts with taking care of yourself.
“At Clarins our aim has always been to maintain your sense of well-being and enhance your beauty.”


Clarins Gold Status
It took two years for the salon to achieve the gold status with the result it now offers more Clarins promotions throughout the year, a wider range of products and more gift packs. Customers can also now collect Clarins points, alongside the salon’s own point system.

The Clarins make-up one-to-one costs £22.
The Clarins make-up to go – a great option ahead of a special event – costs £19.
Clarins bridal make-up costs £51 and includes a one hour trial prior to the day.

Q Hair and Beauty Salon 37 North Street, Chichester, PO19 1LX. Call 01243 781585 or visit qhairandbeauty.co.uk

Pictures by Kate Shemilt


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