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Frances Atkins looks at what you should consider when designing your dream kitchen.

In our homes it’s often the kitchen that becomes the focal point for big moments, where we create new recipes, brew our much-loved afternoon tea and entertain family and friends.
From childhood to adulthood, noises of mum preparing Sunday roast are often replaced with our own children protesting against vegetables.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJPEt Picture from PD Kitchens southwater

Kitchens, like people, come in all shapes and sizes and with planning and focus, it’s possible to craft the perfect social space for your
Paul Donnelly from PD Kitchens in Southwater agrees that these spaces should all be ‘loved, used and admired on a daily basis’. In essence, it’s worth getting them right.
You can begin with choosing the ideal colour scheme, which is essential as this has the power to reflect your personality.
In modern kitchens throughout Sussex, refurbishments often use colours such as the mix of cream, light blues or greens and oak tones.
These timeless combinations hark back to farmhouses and cottages, which might appeal if your windows look out over the countryside.
From this initial ‘feel’ for the design, it’s then easier to visualise and choose specifics, such as worktops, cupboards, flooring and illumination, which all come together to form your own family meeting point.
A top consideration, and a popular trend, is forming a layout to clearly define the cooking preparation area away from the social dining space.
The modern oak kitchen in Sussex pictured left has a separate curved table with seats for dining; it both complements the cooking
space while having its own clear purpose, allowing for meals to efficiency cross over the subtle boundary built through colour and material.
Such layouts can often help with young children and safety. If they know their space in the kitchen for meals is the dining table and not by the worktops, the oven or sink, you can manage their behaviour in a way they can quickly grasp.
In addition to allowing your concentration to focus on cooking, it also provides a greater level of safety and confidence.

Separate areas are also ideal for entertaining. It removes the dilemma of jumping back and forth between the kitchen and dining room, or even just being stuck in the corner of the kitchen with your back to guests.
These worktop ‘islands’ keep the action central and allow everyone to face each other and communicate easily, setting a friendly tone for any get-togethers.
It’s normal to feel bowled over by the options, as well as excited, so look to completed projects for clarification and inspiration.
When it comes to kitchens and emotions, at certain times it’s best to take a logical approach.
When thinking of worktops and layout, it’s a good idea to note how you use your space now and what you actually don’t like.
If your kitchen sink is too far away from the counter where you prepare meat, now’s the time to partner the two spaces together to restore practicality and efficiency.

JPEt Picture from PD Kitchens southwater

JPEt Picture from PD Kitchens southwater

Style is also really important, and can either suit the rest of your house or be completely different, providing a new mood.
A huge benefit of modern kitchens is the variation in light fittings.
Currently on trend are rise and fall ceiling pendants, as they’re sleek focal points with adjustable heights to meet your personal tastes.
Paired with functional kitchen cabinet and under shelf lighting, it’s another way to alter your environment for any occasion.
Having the bold central light on is perfect for breakfast in the winter and keeping on just the surrounding lights creates a relaxing atmosphere for evening meals and dinner parties.
At Paul’s Southwater showroom tightening your ideas down is made easier.
Like our children, we’re all tactile and finding out which materials we like the touch of, from sanded wood to marble, helps confirm what suits us the most.
If you’re looking to alter your kitchen, it’s key to keep your aims close to your heart.

PD Kitchens provide expert kitchen design and fitting in Sussex, benefitting from a large showroom. Call 01403 732259 or visit for more information.



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