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Alex Jenkins finds out about a new home store in Eastbourne that mixes history with great British talent.

Stunning cushions, beautifully crafted furniture, striking wallpaper and unique lamps – yep, Brewers Home is not going to be kind to my wallet.
Brewers by Jim Stephenson-32 MidResAs a self-confessed shopoholic who loves to buy new things for my home, this Eastbourne store is set to be my version of heaven.
And as I chat to retail development manager Melanie Adams about this new venture for Brewers I can feel my excitement increasing.
Pouring over the mood boards and building plans before the shop opens on Monday, March 30, I can see the shop is very much of the John Lewis ilk.
Yet aside from the fact it is solely focused on the home, there is also another reason why this shop is so special – and that is its connection to Eastbourne.
“Brewers as a business started in Eastbourne in 1904 and we are a family business still,” explains Melanie, who goes on to reveal it is now the fourth generation of the Brewers family running the business.
“We have chosen Eastbourne [for this new shop] because it is our home town and we happened to have quite a big store we can use.”
Brewers by Jim Stephenson-116This ‘big store’ is in Birch Road, Eastbourne, where the original shop has been expanded to create this new shopping experience.
It is clear Brewers is definitely one of Eastbourne’s success stories.
Starting off in the seaside town, Brewers now has 150 stores nationwide, with Wallpaper Direct and Designer Paint two subsidiaries.
Over the years it has made a name for itself for its huge array of wallpapers and paints and is particularly popular with tradesmen.
However, with its 110th birthday been and gone it was seen as time to expand the brand further. The result is this home showroom.
“We have the phrase ‘create your space’,” explains Melanie. “As well as the huge range of designer paint brands we also have the wallpaper and fabric to go with them.”
Well-known brands include Farrow and Ball, Little Greene, Harlequins and Sanderson. But there are also many unique items which will be for sale.
“There is a market for niche pieces,” explains Melanie, “British designed items that are well made and of high quality.”
With this in mind the Brewers team have sourced talent from around the country and are working with a local artist to create an exciting collection that will hopefully be revealed later on this year.
Melanie has also been working hard sourcing old patterns to create fresh and exciting wallpapers and fabrics, with one such fabric an eye-catching and fun fabric used on a chair and a blind.
Brewers by Jim Stephenson-5 MidResBrewers Home is set to be a luxurious and relaxing space to shop in, with a coffee shop in store and iPads so customers can browse items available that may not be on display.
The shop is laid out as rooms, or ‘pods’, helping you to see how the various items work together and this ranges from what is on the walls, to what you sit on and all the soft furnishings.
Plus Brewers staff are trained to help you with your interior queries, with an interior design service available.
“My aim was to create something that Eastbourne certainly does not have,” says Melanie.
“The aim of the coffee shop is about having a creative space, with cushions and china and lighting and free wifi, and iPads where people can browse the collection while they are having a coffee. The store itself will have kiosks so people can browse the website as well as see pieces in the flesh.
“It is a hugely exciting project,” Melanie adds with a smile.

Visit www.brewers.co.uk for more information or to shop online.


Trends  to watch out for:
Brewers by Jim Stephenson-152 MidRes1. There is a move towards this quite retro look.
2. Colour is important – the days when everyone had everything cream have gone as people like to have pops of colour.
3. Choose statement pieces


Photos by Jim Stephenson


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