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Laura Cartledge seeks pampering that can fit into our fast paced world – and finds it in Chichester.

Painting my nails en-route to the party, event or wedding is becoming a worrying habit of mine.
So much so I have almost perfected the A27 manicure much to the annoyance of my partner/driver.
Dollys Chichester Lisa Edwards JPET Oct15Needless to say, along with many of us, I’m not a time rich person.
But that doesn’t mean I want to compromise on looking, and indeed feeling, my best so I squeeze in what I can, when I can, something Dollys at Lisa Edwards, Chichester, is going to make a whole lot easier.
“We want people to get into the mind set that it is not a treatment place it is somewhere to have fun. If you have a night out or a hot date you go to Dollys to get ready,” explains master stylist Laura Penfold. “I suppose the best way of describing it is as an express beauty bar. People can come in and have a glass of Prosecco or a milkshake.”
There’s no doubt that the glitzy salon, which launched in August, will answer many city workers’ ‘where should I get ready’ conundrum.
Dollys Chichester Lisa Edwards JPET Oct15Plus the ‘pop-in’ pampering that can fit into your lunch break will be music to the ears of many, especially as the festive season approaches.
But the concept is not a new one, in fact during my university years in Liverpool it was so popular it was the norm.
Up there a make up studio called Peaches & Cream is so popular the chance is you are just as likely to be asked ‘who did your face?’ as you are ‘who are you wearing?’.
And now Dollys at 68 North Street is helping make the getting ready part of the party down here.
Or it can be the party itself, with the gold glitter walls and movie-star mirrors just two elements which help to make it a glamorous location whether you want a sophisticated hen do or birthday gathering.
While Dollys is aimed at the 16 to 30 year old market, Dinky Dollys allows the younger, but equally Dollys Chichester Lisa Edwards JPET Oct15image conscious, to enjoy the unique setting too.
“It means children from eight to around 14 can come up with a group of friends and their parents can bring cake,” says Laura.
It certainly puts my bouncy castle bashes and back garden barbecues to shame.
However it is too late to redo my past and instead the focus is on the present, so just what wonders could Laura and manager Christie Bartholomew work in a lunch hour?
“We could start with your nails and while that is happening we can soak your feet or do your brows,” Laura reveals.
“We have a great tan that only takes 15 minutes and can be washed off after 60,” adds Christie.
Dollys Chichester Lisa Edwards JPET Oct15Gelish and acrylic nails, blow dry, hair dos and weaves also make the Dollys’ list.
“Appointments are great but we are more than happy for people to pop in when they can and if we can help we will,” insists Laura. “We want to get over the idea that it doesn’t have to be prim and proper.”
Which is just as well as I hand over my gardeners nails for a slick Gelish polish and tentatively lift my fringe to reveal my forgotten eyebrows.
The ladies swing into action with Christie transforming my talons with my chosen colours of shimmery purple and gold glitter while Laura discusses my brow regime.
When it comes to the latter I am relieved to hear that is it not as bad as I feared so a gentle reshape and

L-R Laura, Lisa Edwards and Christie

L-R Laura, Lisa Edwards and Christie

shading is all that is needed.
In less time than it takes me to pick and eat a disappointing packaged sarnie they are done and I walk away with a spring in my step that I’d never have found in the supermarket aisle.

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For a video of the Dollys opening night click HERE


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