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In need of a fitness boost Charlotte Pearson heads to Itchingfield to push her body.

A good exercise class can be hard to find.

Sam and Liam

Sam and Liam

If your aim is to tone and lose weight there are a multitude out there.
But for those that have reached a certain level of fitness, finding a class that challenges you and pushes you to the edge of your limits can be difficult.
“We started Evolution Fitness as we saw a gap in the market for those that were already fit but wanted to get fitter,” explains Sam Stocker. So she founded the business two years ago with Liam Randall.
“There are triathletes who can do a triathlon but need to build on their strength training or boxers who are strong but can’t run for the bus,” she reveals.
“There are always challenges, but what we do in the class is about helping you with your everyday life.”
Running four classes a week at Fulford Farm in Itchingfield, Liam does a month’s programme, followed by another month organised by Sam that includes cardio and strength training.
“We offer more than the generic classes,” says Sam. “We tailor it so it is varied and a bit different. We have some exercises that we get our members to repeat every week and we can add more reps, weights or how long they do it for.
28“Other exercises we won’t revisit for a few weeks as this way we can see how they are getting on. It is all about progression, learning about the technique and then putting it into practice.”
Describing the classes as ‘similar to circuit training’, Sam and Liam use different equipment to push its members.
“We use rings, barbells and kettlebells, but we work with the individual and tailor it for them,” she adds.
“If you can’t pull yourself up on the rings then we may get you to jump and pull up.
“If we are focussing on shoulders in the class but you have a shoulder injury we tailor it so you use the same muscle group but don’t injure yourself any further.”
Although using weights, Sam is quick to point out that the result won’t be over the top.
“Just because you use kettle and barbells doesn’t mean you will be a muscle man,” she adds. “One of the things we teach is how to use them to add and define muscle. If you have more muscle your metabolism increases which means you burn things off quicker. We also give nutritional advice to our members.”
Each class is 45 minutes long but Sam admits it usually runs to an hour as everyone loves to have a chat before and after.
09“There is a great community feel and everyone is really supportive of each other,” enthuses Sam.
“It isn’t competitive at all. The only person you are competing against is yourself. People are just doing it for themselves, it is about what you want to do. When someone does something well or beats their target we all whoop and cheer, it is a great atmosphere.”
Although for many of us Saturday morning is the place for a lie in at Evolution Fitness they run a class that starts at 7.30am until 8.30am.
“The class on a Saturday morning is new but it is a great way to wake up and it kick starts your metabolism ready for the day,” she smiles.
Looking to the future Sam is hoping to find some permanent premises so the team can offer its members more.
With classes suitable for every fitness level and the summer just around the corner it could well be the time to get involved with Evolution Fitness.
Classes run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6.15pm until 7.15pm and Saturday 7.30am until 8.30am. For more information, visit the Evolution Fitness on Facebook or you can call 07769 334463 or 07973 287020.


How it works…
“You don’t have to come to all the classes if you don’t want to or can’t fit them all in,” reveals Sam.
“You buy a card with ten sessions, there is no date on them so you come to a class and your card gets ticked.
“We have some people who only come to one class a week, others come to a couple of them and then others come to every session. It is up to you how many you want to do.”


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