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A Sussex woman reveals the secrets to dieting success to Charlotte Pearson.

Diets – the word that can strike fear into the heart of many.

But thankfully for those wanting to lose weight there is another option.
“My husband says I am the not a diet coach,” laughs Birgit Morrison. “It isn’t about a diet. It is about changing the way you think, the way you look at food and your lifestyle.
“Figuring out why you are overweight, and if you comfort eat figuring out why and where else you can find comfort.
“It is about losing weight but also keeping it off afterwards.”

Birgit has worked as a life coach for more than seven years and started her diet coach practice two years ago.
“The medically sound method I use was developed by a Dutch GP,” she reveals, “after he realised the struggle his patients were having following a diet and maintaining the weight loss.
“The program focuses on becoming aware of your habits and patterns as research has shown that awareness is key to losing weight.
“With one-to-one coaching for a personal and private approach, clients get an insight into their habits and are able to put healthy habits in place.”

DSCF8745And this is in the form of three pillars – weekly coaching and support, healthy food supplement to provide a combination of minerals, proteins and vitamins and a diet low in calories and based on real food available in every supermarket.
“When I give people the list of food they are always really surprised,” she explains. “It consists of products with no sugar and low in fat.
“I’m not a nutritionist. I probably know more about nutrition than the general public but I am not a nutritionist and I don’t pretend to be. I am a diet coach.”

Based in the Chichester area Birgit uses Skype to talk to clients in other places, such as London.
“I just need them to be honest with me about their measurements and the scales,” she says.

Birgit is also keen to tailor the program for her clients.
“Everyone is different,” she says. “I know when to push my clients and when to hold back and let them just do it in their own time.
“A lot of people come to me as their last resort. They have tried everything else and nothing has worked, or they know someone who has used me before.
“I have one client who needs to lose three quarters of a stone and another who needs to lose about six. It isn’t just overweight people, but people that feel they need to make a change.”

And music to many people’s ears is that Birgit doesn’t believe in abstinence.
“I think if you want a treat have a treat,” she agrees. “But keep it a treat every now and again, we need to get back to normal eating.
“If you go on holiday don’t worry if you put on a couple of pounds, if you know you are going to a fancy restaurant then maybe have a healthy breakfast and lunch.
“I don’t think you should abstain as then you crave things more.”

Key to the program though she says is awareness.
“Awareness can lead to change,” she explains, “as if you are aware of something you can change it.
“Support is so important as well, you need to have empathy to help people achieve their goals.
“So if you know why you eat certain things than you can look and assess and change it if you need to.”

Having used a life coach herself she knows the difference it can make.
“I just looked at myself and reassessed and I am feel like a different person now,” she reveals. “I love seeing my clients grow and change, when they glow I glow.”

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