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Searching for luscious locks, Charlotte Pearson finds herself in a Chichester salon.

Colouring your hair, for some, is seen as a necessity while, for others, it is a good way to update your look.

I have dyed my hair in the past but there is always that worry about the lasting damage it is doing.
However there is light at the end of the tunnel as in June Q Hair and Beauty in Chichester launched Olaplex, a pre-treatment which can be used as a stand alone service or alongside colouring.
Olaplex helps to rebuild the broken di-sulphide bonds within the hair that can break during chemical processes such as colouring or by using hair dryers or straighteners.
IMG_3746With that in mind I was keen to try it out alongside a colour update to add a bit of oomph to my hair.
As I settled into the chair designer Sophie spoke to me about my expectations and what colour I wanted to go for.
A natural brunette I opted for a brown base with a hint of red so that in the sun you get a flash of colour without it being OTT.
The Olaplex comes in two stages. The first is a bond multiplier that is added to the dye.
“It is trying to help you get your hair back to its virgin state when it was at its strongest and no dye or straighteners had touched it,” explained Sophie.
“It repairs and replaces the bonds to get your hair back to its best condition.
“It works right from the start but most people see more of a difference after the second treatment.”
Once the dye is applied I am left for 35 minutes to enjoy a cup of tea and etc Magazine as the colour develops.
When the time is up I am taken to the sink and the dye is washed off.
“We then apply part two, the bond perfector,” said Sophie.
“It goes on before the shampoo and is left for ten minutes.
“You can’t use the bond multiplier without the perfector as it won’t work, you need to have both.”
IMG_0668She added that previous customers who have had the treatment added to their colour regime have found that with red and purples, the most tricky to maintain, it kept the colour from fading.
Once my hair had been shampooed, conditioned and straightened I noticed the difference straight away.
My hair is soft and shiny, and looks in the best condition it has in years.
I even get comments from friends asking if I have had my hair cut and what I have used on it, which is proof enough that it works.
There are plans to bring out a take-home treatment which could be used once a week or every other week to improve the condition of your hair, something I would be eager to snap up.
It is great to know that not only does Olaplex reduce breakage but it also makes your colour last longer.
I must say at first I was a little dubious that something could work so well but since seeing the results I am a convert.

About Olaplex…
IMAG0594Olaplex is an American brand which started when a scientist and hairdresser sat next to each other on a plane.
Sophie explained to me how the scientist asked the hairdresser what would they change about hairdressing if they could.
They answered they wished they could improve the condition of their client’s hair.
And so Olaplex was born.
It works on all hair types and can be added to any colour formula.
“It can also be used as a stand alone treatment if someone has really dry or damaged hair,” said Sophie. “But it does work better with colour treatments.
“Extra treatments like the Moroccan oil can also be added if people want.”
The di-sulphide bonds it repairs are the bonds that give elasticity and strength to the hair. Olaplex is used by salon professionals only, and is already a success in the US.
Q Hair & Beauty is one of the first in the UK and Ireland to launch it.
To add Olaplex to your colour appointment it is an extra £20 on top of the colour price, which varies depending on the consultant level.

Q Hair & Beauty, 37 North Street, Chichester. For more information, visit or call 01243 781585.


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