BFW14 – Zeitgeist preview

Innovation and inspiration isn’t in short supply says Laura Cartledge as she looks towards the Zeitgeist catwalk.

The Old Ship Hotel, Kings Road, Brighton
 “Spirit of the Times” is the theme for this year and it places the focus on the relationship between the past and the future.
This event is proven to be a catalyst in launching designers successfully into the industry and as a result is a great showcase for ‘the current flow of innovation in fashion’.

Who’s who;

Eliise Filppula,
Hailing from Finland, Eliise Filppula is a 23-year-old fashion design student currently studying in her second year at Spain’s Marbella Design Academy.
Her creations are deemed to be ‘confident, feminine and elegant’.
The everyday designs have a twist of creativity and her latest collection for Brighton Fashion Week plays with volume, proportions, bright colours and prints.

Elisabeth Connor,
Believing that the ‘beauty of a design is found in the details’, Elisabeth blends traditional practices with contemporary techniques to create individualistic designs of quality and elegance.
Her creations have been published in titles such as Vogue Italia online and Rag Mag, while she also has experience working on a range of brands from boutique to commercial both in the UK and overseas.

Eve Meredith/ Katie Doherty Collective,
Since meeting at the age of three, Eve Meredith and Katie Doherty have been ‘like family’. The collective came from a shared love of fashion and garment production but they have distinctly separate visions and each season the aim is to ‘design two collections that work alongside each other’.
Both do explore different surface treatments however and this ranges from wood block printing to batik.

Georgia Dorey,
As a trained print designer Georgia’s clients include Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein and Anthropologie. Her work is described as ‘a continuous investigation’ which is heavily influenced by the ‘Japanese notion of ‘Ma’ – a belief that space between the layers and folds of a garment is more than simply a void’.

Louise O’Mahony,
Each year this Brighton designer appoints herself a theme she feels she can be influenced by, and transforms it into her own visual representation of that topic. Her work has already graced etc’s pages and this will be her third year at BFW. While Louise’s work varies wildly it is underpinned by the femininity of the female silhouette, and a strong belief that clothes ‘should reflect characteristics and personality’.

Milica Vukadinovic,
Milica’s work is inspired by the game of life between a man and a boy. Her collection for BFW will be battling stereotypes, as this man looks towards the future.

Natalia Rivera,
From her first contact with the fashion industry as a window display and visual merchandiser for famous companies, Natalia’s fascination for fashion has taken her far. When she graduated in the Institut Català de la Moda (Barcelona) in July’14 she was awarded best collection in her year, and selected to show her work as part of Barcelona 080 Fashion catwalk.
Natalia’s collections work transmitting feelings and sensations by the ‘colour palette, fabrics and textures’.

Paul Perez,
This ‘young and energetic’ designer and stylist is Gibraltar born and has established his name within the fashion industry there.
Working alongside top local names and clients within the creative industry, he provides his clients a full fashion package from concept to the finished product.
His keen eye and creative instincts towards design to create and construct beautiful one of a kind garments which have been published in the likes of Harper’s Bazar.

Siyu Duan.
Inspired by zoom in science, human energy and daily objects, Siyu Duan is a London based fashion menswear designer.
He believes clothes are something that can wrap around the human body in three dimensional way and protect the body nicely, without the necessity of adding specific details or following rules. Trying to fill the gap between clothes and art he uses tailoring technic with the combination of art to let people change the way they think about menswear and ultimately push fashion forward into a new dimension.




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