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Charlotte Pearson catches up with the winner of the Evonprint and etc Magazine starter pack competition.


Anyone who has experienced moving away to university – either themselves or through their children – will know all about the first day battle, struggling with boxes and bags to get settled into halls.
So imagine if there was a way that all the essentials would be waiting for you as you arrive, meaning all you needed to bring were the personal possessions.

Lisa Whitehorn won an etc competition to help kick start her new business A Uni Pac. Pic Steve Robards SR1523338

That is where A Uni Pac comes in, the winner of the Evonprint competition we ran in August.
“It stands for ‘all you need inside pac’,” explains Lisa Whitehorn the founder and owner of the business. “It is a really simple idea. People visit the website, order the packs and it will be delivered to the student’s halls of residence.”
The idea was formed when her son Elliot started at the University of Portsmouth.
After buying all the essentials, such as cooking utensils and bedding, Lisa was shocked at the chaos she encountered on the first day of moving in.
“Parents were vying for space close to the halls,” she recalls. “People were carrying around bags of stuff, the queue for the lift was huge and took forever with many people having to do multiple trips.
“I just thought there had to be an easy solution.”
On the website, which is due to launch early next year, there will be three options to choose from, and people can opt for one or all three.
There will be the ‘basic store cupboard’ with nonperishable food items, such as cans and pasta.
‘Kitchen utensils’, includes plates, cups, glasses as well as cooking utensils, while the final pack will be ‘linens’, such as towels, mattress covers, and duvet covers.
“It gives parents peace of mind that these things will be sorted out,” explains Lisa, who lives in Waldron, East Sussex.
“With the basic store cupboard it
just means at the very least they have something to eat and would only need to buy bread or milk.
Uni Pac Logo 1MB“The summer before my son started uni he didn’t want to come out shopping with me, he wanted to spend time with his friends, so I had to drag him around.
“This takes that out of the equation by providing good quality items.”
With more than 400,000 students in the UK each year, Lisa saw a gap in the market and wants to work with universities.
“I aim to raise money for the participating linked universities, giving a percentage to the student unions,” she explains. “And I want to work with universities nationwide.”
So what made Lisa enter the competition?
“I believe in fate but I also believe in making your own fate,” she says. “I always read etc Magazine and entered the competition as the prize was great and from a well respected company who will do it properly.
“I truly believe in my product and hoped they could see potential in it as well.”
To say that Lisa was thrilled to win is probably an understatement.
“I just screamed,” she enthuses. “I was over the moon and couldn’t believe it.
“It was fantastic to know that someone else saw potential in the product. I had told friends about the idea and most of them said ‘where were you when I was taking my child to university?’ But to win the competition is amazing. Winning is a real gift and for me it will be life changing.”

A Uni Pac is offering etc Magazine readers an exclusive ten per cent discount off its exciting new 2016 ranges.
To take advantage of this offer simply go to fill in the form quoting ‘etc15’ and they will email you details of the full 2016 A Uni Pac product packs so you can be among the first in the queue to secure your order.

The prize

The starter pack was worth £10,000 and includes professional logo creation, a marketing workshop, professional assistance with an annual marketing strategy, business start-up design and print package including letter heads, business cards and flyers, as well as two consecutive quarter page adverts in etc Magazine.
As a family run business Evonprint has been passionate about helping the local community since opening more than 30 years ago.
Based in the charming West Sussex village of Small Dole, Evonprint offers its customers a wide range of creative services including designing, printing and marketing.
Its reputation for customer service and need for perfection in everything it produces has ensured that its customers keep coming back, meaning it is a great choice to help one lucky person get their company off the ground.

What Steve Rowland, managing director of Evonprint said…

“Firstly, let me congratulate Lisa for winning the ‘Evon Better Business’ awards – we thought her idea was incredibly innovative and will make the lives of students and parents so much easier.
“We look forward to working with Lisa in the future and helping her kick start her company. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who took the time to enter this competition; we received some fantastic business plans.”

Pictures: Steve Robards


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